What We Do

The Information Support Services section provides GIS services and web application development to all divisions within the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We provide GIS desktop software, web mapping tools, and varying levels of technical support to end users.

We develop and maintain in-house applications that assist with disaster response, animal disease, and agricultural protection.

Our web mapping applications are centrally located on the North Carolina Multi-Hazard Threat Database (NCMHTD) website.


Our Products

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Carbon Source GIS Application Screenshot

We performed spatial analysis to examine a 30-mile drive distance between carbon source locations and commercial farms.

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Hurricane Wind Map

When NC Agriculture is faced with hazardous weather, we create maps that highlight the impact area of and we can add data, such as farm locations, to assist with operational decision making.

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Meat and Poultry Division Map

We assist other divisions in the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services with map creation, enabling staff to visualize data, site locations, and resources for their projects and goals.

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Swine Density Map

To assist the swine industry, we analyzed farm density to determine potential drop-off locations for diagnostic samples collected from farms.