Agronomic Services

Field Services is comprised of Regional Agronomists who assist those working in production agriculture.

  • Crop / Fruit / Vegetable Production
  • Horticulture/ Nursery Production
  • Turf Grass / Sod Industry
  • Seed Companies
  • Agriculture Retailers
  • Animal Waste Systems
  • Municipal/ Commercial Waste Systems
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If you are sending samples via USPS, address mail to 1040 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699. (This may take a couple of extra days for us to receive a shipment since all USPS mail goes to a sorting center before being distributed to our facility.)

If you are sending samples via UPS or FedEx, address mail to 4300 Reedy Creek Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607.

There are 4 main ways to make payments.

  1. Online submissions- at the time of creating the online submission for printing the form out to ship with the samples, payment by credit card is required to complete this process.
  2. Send checks with your samples and submission form(s). Checks can be made payable to NCDA&CS.
  3. Once your report is complete, you can create or log in to your online account and pay by credit card.
  4. Pay by credit card over the phone with someone in the accounting dept.

*If you submit samples multiple times per year or submit in large quantities, you may want to speak with someone in the accounting department about the possibility of setting up an escrow account.

Results are sent out via email. Keep an eye on your inbox as well as your spam box (just in case).

Physical copies can be mailed out by special request only.

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Here are the ways you can determine the status of your report:

-Go to the PALS website.  Search your name or customer number in the search bar. Any reports submitted with this name will show up in a list below. One of the columns lists the status of the report.

-You will be able to see the date your sample(s) were received. You can also use the Sample Turnaround Time estimator to see when you should receive your report based on when it was received.

-You will receive an email when the report is in "Pay Now" status or has been released- so be on the lookout.

-If the time frame that turnaround estimator has given you is past and you still can't find your report, call the office for further assistance. 

If you are in Raleigh:

Come to the loading dock at 4300 Reedy Creek Road (Eaddy Building). There is a black cabinet on the dock that holds all submission forms as well as sample boxes.

*If you are in need of getting supplies in bulk, please call the office first and schedule a pickup.

Outside of Raleigh:

Contact your local North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office. They keep supplies on hand for distribution to clients.

Please visit the following page for guidelines about tours.

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