The Standards Division is responsible a number of different inspections. Please see our programs below for the appropriate contact for your specific complaint or request. Any testing or inspections are conducted free of charge.


Fuel Quality

  • Quality of a fuel product, which includes problems such as water in the fuel, spark knock, contamination with another product.
  • Signs or labels that either do not identify the product, or may be incorrect.
  • Requests to test fuel samples from a consumer or business. We will not accept samples from 3rd party companies that charge the owner for our testing of the fuel.

For more information on our investigation process and to submit a complaint online, please see our webpage under the Fuel Quality program.

Alternatively, you may call 984-236-4770 or you may email the Program manager,  Dr. Marcus Helfrich or the Laboratory Supervisor, Melissa Spencer


Weights and Measures

  • Fuel dispensers - inaccurate measure, automatic shut off didn't work, incomplete displays, display moving without squeezing handle.
  • Scales - inaccurate weighments, improper scale being used, possible interference with proper operation of scale, incorrect tare.
  • Fuel deliveries - inaccurate measure (except for LP-Gas).
  • Price scanning - price on shelf, sticker, display or advertisement does not match the price at checkout.
  • Net content - incorrect weight, volume or count of products compared to what it is on the label.

Please call 984-236-4751 or email our Program Manager, Chad Parker.



  • Fuel deliveries - inaccurate deliveries.
  • Incorrect or missing signage for locations that flat fill containers (set price for full container).

Please call 984-236-4752 or email

For  information on food trucks and trailers, or to request an inspection of one, see our webpage to submit it online.

To make a complaint on a supplier that did not provide the required notice prior to disconnecting your tank, we have more information, a sample form and a option to submit online.


Grain Moisture Meters

  • Moisture Meters - inaccurate results.
  • Scales - inaccurate results, improper scale. 

Please call 984-236-4790 or email our Program Supervisor Jeremiah Lanning



Any requests for calibration must be made by appointment and have a completed equipment submittal form. Please see our webpage for more information and a link to the form.