Compliance and Evaluation Program

compliance officer badge

The NCDA&CS, Meat and Poultry Inspection Division administers a compliance program for the purpose of investigating violations of the North Carolina Compulsory Meat Inspection Law and the North Carolina Poultry Products Inspection Law. Five Compliance and Evaluation officers investigate such things as illegal slaughter and processing activities, the preparation, transport and/or sale of misbranded or adulterated products, consumer complaints, special investigations and recalls. In addition, they are responsible for evaluating and registering meat and poultry handlers (“jobbers”), poultry exempt operators, cold storage warehouses, and 4 D operators.

The NCDA&CS Compliance Officers work in liaison with USDA Compliance Officers, local law enforcement officers and the Department of Justice. Violations of the law can result in notices of warning, civil fines, and/or criminal prosecution.