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Dicamba Update - March 2021

Dicamba Update - June 2020

Auxin Training

Approved product labels will require specific mandatory training for all applicators of these products, even applicators who previously completed training. No 24(c) labels have been approved for 2022.

The dicamba products (Xtendimax, Tavium, and Engenia) will all be classified as Federal Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs). RUPs can only be sold by Licensed Pesticide Dealers and can only be purchased by licensed/certified (commercial and private) applicators. These products can now only be applied by licensed/certified (commercial and private) applicators.

The mandatory training titled Auxin Herbicides - Best Management Practices, presented by Dr. Charlie Cahoon, Dr. Wes Everman, Dr. David Jordan, or other Cooperative Extension Specialists, is intended to assist applicators in reducing incidents of herbicide drift to susceptible crops. Again, each applicator will need to complete the training prior to use of these products.

Applicators and dealers will receive 1 hour of pesticide recertification credit in categories N, O, D, and X upon completion.

Auxin Training Schedule

When using these products, applicators must have in their possession a copy of the approved label for the product being applied. Applicators are responsible for obtaining all necessary labeling and for adhering to all the directions, restrictions, and precautions found on the labeling.

Auxin Recordkeeping Requirements

The dicamba labels require extensive record keeping, including all USDA Record Keeping components as required by 7 CFR Part 110, plus many more elements.

Enlist Products Containing 2,4-D Choline

The Enlist Duo and Enlist One product labels do not require recordkeeping, but we do suggest that accurate records of those applications be made as well. The Enlist Product Use Guide contains record keeping requirements that should be followed to maintain compliance with the purchase agreements.

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