Structural Pest Control and Pesticides - License Search

North Carolina Structural Pest Control and Pesticides Division licenses/credentials can be searched on our Public Portal search page. 

  1. Select the appropriate category of credential from the list below for the correct search page.
  2. Under 'Advanced Search Options', Type in the licensee/credential holder's last name (or business name for Sleep Products) in the 'Licensee/CardHolder' field.
  3. If known, type the File Number in the 'License Number' field (optional). File Numbers can be found on an NCDA&CS credential card immediately following your license category number. Note: Refer to Step 1 for category numbers.
  4. For Sleep Products, type in your Uniform Registration Number in the "URN" field (optional).
  5. Choose the NC county of interest in the 'Counties' field (optional).
  6. Select the blue 'Search' button (and wait for ~30 seconds).
  7. Find the appropriate search result and select the blue 'Details' button for a pop-up window with credential summary.
    1. If searching for your course transcript, click on the yellow 'Course Credits' button for a summary of your completed continuing education courses.


Note: NC County Extension offices seeking a list of Private Pesticide applicators will choose "Farmer, Nursery, etc. (038)" in step 1, the appropriate county in step 5, then select the green 'Excel' button AFTER step 6. This will add a spreadsheet in your web browser downloads folder.

For questions or if additional assistance is required, please contact the NCDA&CS Structural Pest Control & Pesticide Division at 984-236-4575.    Directions 


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