Marketing - Market News

The Federal-State Market News Service provides current, unbiased price and sales information to assist in the orderly marketing and distribution of farm commodities.  Reports include information on prices, volume, quality, condition and other market data on farm products in specific markets and marketing areas.  The data is disseminated within hours of collection via the internet and made available through electronic means, printed reports, news media and trade publications.  You can also visit USDA for Livestock, Poultry & Grain Reports.

Here's a list of Market News Reports:

NC Daily Cash Grain

NC Production Cost Report

NC Weekly Livestock Auction Summary

NC Carolina Stock Yard (Siler City)

Harward Brothers - Turnersburg

WNC Livestock - Canton

WNC Sheep & Goat Sale - Canton

Cleveland County Livestock - Shelby

Cleveland County Sheep & Goat Sale - Shelby

Wilkes Livestock - N. Wilkesboro

Powell Livestock - Smithfield

Powell Sheep & Goats - Smithfield

Stanly County- Norwood

North Carolina Broilers/Fryers (Daily)

North Carolina Eggs (Daily)

NC Pasture Meat Reports (Monthly)