Domestic Marketing

Through our “Got to be NC” marketing brand and staff marketing specialists, we focus on market expansion and business development for North Carolina agriculture, food & beverage, fiber and forestry industries to the retail, wholesale, and foodservice sectors.

Sim McIver
Domestic Marketing Assistant Director
(919) 707-3148

Event Management & Specialty Foods Markets
Responsible for planning, developing, executing and implementation of the department’s signature Shows, Fairs and Festivals and the “Got to be NC” vendor pavilions at each.  Serves on Board of Directors and as the NCDA&CS liaison to the North Carolina Specialty Foods Association.

Brenna M. Favara
(919) 707-3154

Foodservice and Beverage Specialist
Maintains connective relationships with restaurant owners, caterers, chefs, bar management, wholesale suppliers (broadline and specialty) and contract foodservice management operators to increase market share for North Carolina products statewide and nationally.  Utilization of on-site farm tours, menu development focused on NC product identifications and seasonal promotions, enhanced relationships with chef associations and chef training programs.  On-going evaluations to expand purchasing options from North Carolina, along with integration of chef cooking demos and competitions within the market for enhanced exposure.

Chad Blackwelder
(919) 707-3150

Retail Specialist
Maintains connective relationships with retail grocery operators (Chains and Independents), military commissaries, specialty food outlets, and their in-house prepared food operations, including their wholesale supply partners to enhance market share for North Carolina products. Provides support to these retailers through introduction to new North Carolina vendors through farm tours, sampling events, grower/buyer exchanges along with seasonal promotional reviews focused on our state’s seasonal crops.

Bruce Whitehead
(919) 707-3140