This service is currently only available for soil and nematode samples.

Benefits of Online Sample Submission

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Online sample submission assures that samples are linked to the right customer account since the user self-identifies when they log in.

Since users enter their own sample IDs and crop codes, the correct sample information is always relayed to the lab.

Since all payment information is electronically captured, verified, and submitted to the lab on the front end, a report can be released as soon as analysis and data review are completed. Online sample submission means fewer delays due to payment issues.


  1. Go to our PALS website.  If you have not already created an online account, one must be created.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. At the top of the page: Utilities > Submit Samples Online
  4. Select the type of sample you are wanting to submit (soil or nematode)
  5. The next page will display your information. This is also where you would either click to identify yourself as the consultant, or add a consultant as a recipient if you have one.
  6. Fill out the required fields such as the number of samples you are submitting (please make sure this number is accurate), select the county, and if a soil sample, attest that the sample was taken in the state of North Carolina.     >Then click "Process"
  7. Enter information about your samples- provide sample id's which are created by the person submitting samples in order that one can remember where samples are taken from. The sample id on the form MUST correspond with the sample id on the box the sample is in. A crop code or name is also REQUIRED.
  8. Once clicking the "Submit Samples" button, the "Check out" page will appear. This is the last place you can edit your submission. 
  9. During the checkout process, payment with credit card is required if a fee is owed. (Fees are not assessed to soil samples that are RECEIVED at the lab PRIOR to the start of Peak Soil Season
  10. Follow the steps for paying with a credit card. NOTE: for security purposes, PALS does not save credit card information.
  11. Once payment is complete, the payment confirmation page will appear with a red link prompting to be clicked on and the finalized form will appear.
  12. Print this form and submit a copy with your samples. This is REQUIRED.

This page was last modified on 12/05/2023