Economic Statistics

Farm Income & Cash Receipts

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Current County Level Cash Receipts data can be accessed in the pages of our annual North Carolina Agricultural Statistics book - Income & Prices Section

  • Cash Receipts by Commodity
  • NC Commodities Ranked by Receipts
  • Top Ten Counties by Receipts and by Commodity
  • Cash Receipts by County
  • Total Cash Receipts by County (map) and Source of Cash Receipts (pie chart)
  • Number of Farms, Land & Real Estate Values
  • NC Rank in US Agriculture

State Level Cash Receipts data can be found on the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) website's Annual cash receipts by commodity page.

Cash Rents

US and state level Cash Rents data can be found on the USDA/NASS Quick Stats database

You can use this Quick Stats Cash Rents Custom Query link to create state, county, or another custom query.

Additional Quick Stats Custom Queries can be found on the USDA NASS Data and Statistics Pre-Defined Queries web site


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