Crop Specific Releases & Publications

dried soybeans
Cotton on a bush in a field with blue sky
Corn stalk with ear of corn
Wheat growing in a field

North Carolina Publications and Releases 

Crop Production Annual Summary                                                      

Prospective Plantings                                                  

June Acreage                                                                   

August Crop Production Release                            

September Crop Production Release                   

October Crop Production Release                        

November Crop Production Release                   

NC Monthly Farm Reports                                      

Floriculture Summary                          

NC Crop Progress & Condition Report       

NC County Estimates                               

NC Economic Statistics                          

USDA/NASS Publications and Releases

Crop Production (Annually)  

Crop Production (Monthly)

Crop Values (Annually)

Agricultural Prices (Monthly)

Grain Stocks (Quarterly)

Prospective Plantings (March)

Acreage (June)

Non-Citrus Fruits & Nuts (Annually)

Vegetables Annual Summary (Annually)

Certified Organic Surveys 

Cotton Ginnings

 Peanut Prices

Dried peanuts still in shell
A pile of picked apples
Strawberries and blueberries
Sweet potatoes lying on counter with one of them sliced open
Peaches in a pile
Tobacco growing in the field
Green flowering plant with purple flowers in a green flower pot
mixture of raw vegetables and fruits in a display