Veterinary - Frequently Asked Questions

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No. Please consult you local veterinary practitioner for questions about the diagnosis and treatment of a personal pet or animal.

Call the local sheriff's offices, magistrate or local animal control for cases of animal cruelty, stolen animals, animals running at large, in-home pet sitting services, private breeding kennels, dead animals found off a farm not buried, or humane care of animals other than dogs and cats being sold commercially. Animal cruelty cases are handled at the local level. The first source of contact should be your county sheriff's office and/or your county animal cruelty investigator. Any person may, however, bring an action directly to the district court judge in any county where cruelty to an animal has been alleged.

When the virus first appeared in the U.S. many states, North Carolina included, was able to get valuable informaiton from the collection and subsequent testing of dead wild birds. However, now that the virus has become established within the wild bird population, testing dead birds is no longer necessary. Therefore, North Carolina is no longer taking reports of dead wild birds or submitting any birds for testing. To check the policy in your area, please contact your local health department for information specific to your area.

The NCDA&CS Animal Welfare Section oversees licenses boarding kennel, pet shop, animal shelter or those sold at auction. Contact the division at (919) 707-3280.
Call NCDA&CS Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division at (919) 733-7366 regarding a grooming facility that does not board dogs or cats.

Please see the Division of Public Health for questions about rabies, interstate movement of dogs or cats or small animal health certificates.

Visit the USDA website at for answers to questions on the requirements for health certificates for any of the 50 states. It is strongly recommended that you confirm those requirements by calling the individual state of destination. The phone numbers for each state may be obtained by selecting the state of destination web link.