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We are pleased to announce that necropsy exams will be available again at both our Northwestern Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory located in Elkin, NC and our Western Laboratory located in Arden, NC beginning Monday May, 15 2023. Both locations remain short staffed and in the process of recruiting veterinary professionals, so diagnostic services may still be periodically impacted.

  • Microbroth Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing available now at Rollins lab!
  • Johne’s fecal cultures have been suspended temporarily due to media shortages.
  • Toxicology Evaluation (Vis/Micro) Testing available now at Rollins lab!
  • Toxic Plant Identification(Vis/Micro) Testing available now at Rollins lab!
  • Equine Herpes Virus PCR  Testing available now at Rollins lab!
  • Out of state submissions are charged at two times the in-state rate.

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