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Rollins lab will start offering Microbroth dilution Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) in addition to Kirby-Bauer disk method of AST starting in September 2020. Clients now have two AST options available to choose from (Kirby-Bauer AST (default option) or Microbroth AST) while submitting their samples.

  • The cost for Microbroth AST will be $25.00 per bacterial isolate.
  • The cost for Kirby-Bauer AST will be $5.00 per bacterial isolate.

Please mark clearly on the submission form if requesting a particular testing method or antimicrobial agent.

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing remains a valuable diagnostic tool for the veterinary practitioner in determining the most effective treatment for bacterial infections. Microbroth dilution AST will provide corresponding MIC (Minimum inhibitory concentration) values for each antibiotic tested. The MIC is particularly valuable because this value can be used to compare the relative efficacy of different drugs and to calculate doses that may need to be customized in particularly challenging infections. Rollins lab provides information regarding the susceptibility/resistance of individual bacterial isolates to various drugs and drug classes by providing either quantitative (MIC) and/or qualitative (S, I, R) antimicrobial susceptibility results based on CLSI guidelines.

Rollins lab will use commercial (Thermo Sensititre®) AST panels providing options for clients to choose from more than fifty different antibiotics.

When submitting a specimen for culture and susceptibility testing, it is important to provide treatment history with specific antibiotics previously used, and any clinical history that may affect the patient’s normal bacterial flora. The panel chosen to be reported will vary depending on the type and growth requirements of the bacterial pathogen isolated and the animal species of origin.