Veterinary - Spay and Neuter Program

What does the Spay/Neuter Program do?

  • The program reimburses counties and municipalities (or contracted entities) for direct costs of spay/neuter procedures performed on dogs/cats owned by low-income individuals.
  • A portion of funding for the program goes towards education and outreach on the importance of controlling the animal population.

How is the Spay/Neuter Program funded?

  • The program is funded in part when members of the public select the Animal Lovers "I Care" license plate.
  • $20 from each plate goes directly toward supporting procedure reimbursement and educational initiatives.


Support the Spay Neuter Program and show you care!

Image of I Care license plate with ordering link.

Click on Specialized Plates and search for "Animal Lovers." $20 from each plate will go to the Spay Neuter Program.

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Brief History:

From its inception in 2001 until Sept 30, 2010 the Spay Neuter Program resided in the Department of Health and Human Services. The Spay Neuter Program now resides in NCDA&CS. Senate Bill 897 transferred the administration of the voluntary Spay/Neuter program from the Department of Health and Human Services to Animal Welfare Section on Oct. 1, 2010.