Structural Pest Control and Pesticides - Pesticide Fees

Examination Fees

Exam Type Cost
Core, Dealer, and Consultant $50.00 each
Ornamental and Turf, Right of Way, Forestry, Public Health, Ag Pest Animal, Pet Grooming, Poultry, Ag Pest Plant, Seed Treatment, Commercial Soil Fumigation, Demonstration and Research, Wood Treatment, Regulatory, and Aquatic $20.00 each
Private, Private Soil Fumigation $10.00 each

License Fees

License Type Cost
Aerial Contractor, Aerial Pesticide Applicator, Commercial Ground Applicator, Pesticide Consultant, Pesticide Dealer, and Public Utility Ground Applicator $75.00 each
Public Pesticide Operator No Fee
Aircraft Inspections $25.00

Certification Fees

License Type Cost
Private Applicator  $10.00