Plant Industry - PCP Partners

Volunteer Preserve Stewards

Volunteer Preserve Stewards are a dedicated bunch who coordinate with PCP Staff to adopt a Plant Conservation Preserve and help with a variety of ongoing tasks including, but not limited to: invasive plant control, boundary marking and maintenance, trash pickup, imperiled plant monitoring, as well as leading guided tours and workdays. All of these tasks help to build the program's capacity immensely.  

If you would like to hear more about becoming a Volunteer Preserve Steward, take a look at the Preserve Map to determine if there is a Preserve near you and contact Julian Wilson at (919) 707-3758 or

Partner Organizations and Agencies

Are you part of a conservation organization that does or wants to partner with the Plant Conservation Program to protect land with imperiled plants or to participate in imperiled plant management? If so, let us know! Contact Julian Wilson ( to receive GIS data of our priority areas- we may be trying to work in your area.  

Our current partners include: