Plant Industry - NC Plant Conservation Laws and Regulations

There are several pieces of state legislation that define and describe plant conservation in North Carolina.

North Carolina Plant Protection and Conservation Act- Click the following links to view (html) or dowload (pdf) this document.

North Carolina Plant Conservation Regulations-Click the following links to view (html) or download (pdf) this document.

North Carolina Criminal Trespass Laws regarding Damages and other Offenses to Land and Fixtures- Click the following link to view (html) or dowloand (pdf) this document. 
Note: The criminal tresspass laws include misdemeanor charges and fines for taking specific plant species and felony taking of Venus flytrap.  

Effective January 16, 2013, the NC Plant Conservation Board has set the harvest season for galax (Galax urceolata) as July 1-March 31 under the authority of North Carolina General Statues Chapter 106. Agriculture § 106-202.19.