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Boll Weevil Program

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 The "cotton boll weevil" (Anthonomus grandis) was eradicated from North Carolina in 1987. To prevent the re-introduction and re-establishment of the boll weevil in the state, the NC Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation, Inc. and the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services-Plant Industry Division (NCDA&CS-PID) conduct surveys every year in fields and other facilities including cotton gins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am interested in growing ornamental cotton on my property. What should I do/know?   

A. Because the cotton plant is a regulated commodity for the cotton boll weevil, the NCDA&CS requires that all residents growing cotton in small areas or ornamental cotton on their properties comply with NC laws and regulations. Click on the following link to contact the NCDA&CS Plant Pest Specialist (PPS) in your area to guide you through the entire process. You will need to fill a compliance agreement and allow the PPS to set up a boll weevil trap where you have planted your cotton plants. The compliance agreement and the traps are services provided by NCDA&CS at no cost. The PPS will change the lure in the traps every month until all the cotton is harvested. 

Q. I am doing research on cotton with a company. Do I need to contact NCDA&CS to monitor for boll weevil?

A. Yes, you will need to comply with the state laws and regulations to monitor for cotton boll weevil. Please contact the NCDA&CS Plant Pest Specialist in your area to have him/her guide you through the process. Click on this link to contact the PPS in your area and have him/her assist you with all the necessary documentation and procedures including filling a compliance agreement and setting and servicing traps in your facilities. 

Q. Does NCDA&CS monitor for boll weevil in cotton fields in NC?

A. No. The NCDA&CS does not monitor for cotton boll weevil in cotton fields in NC. These surveys are coordinated and supervised by the Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation of North Carolina. The NCDA&CS only conducts surveys for boll weevil in cotton gin operations, research facilities working with cotton and in residences where ornamental cotton is grown.


Image of Boll Weevil

Boll Weevils at Work! (Magnification 5-8X)

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