Friday, December 8, 2023

N.C. Structural Pest Control Committee announces case settlements

Dec 8, 2023

     The N.C. Structural Pest Control Committee approved settlement agreements at its Nov. 29 meeting. Cases approved for settlement came from Durham, Mecklenburg and Wake counties. Following are the agreements listed by county:

  • (Durham) Brendon Cordell of MosquitoTek/ECOTEK in Durham, agreed to pay $6,000 for unlicensed structural pest control work from July 16, 2019, until the company obtained a structural pest control license on Feb. 24, 2022.
  • (Wake) Tyler Gregory of Mack Pest Solutions based in Greenville, S.C., agreed to pay $6,000 for performing pest control work in North Carolina without a valid structural pest control license and failing to provide inspectors with truthful information during the investigation. Mack Pest Solutions serviced 724 household pest control accounts for apartment complexes from July 1, 2022, to Feb. 24, 2023, without a valid structural pest control license.
  • (Wake) Samuel Allan Harlan Sr. of Team Pest USA in Raleigh agreed to pay $2,000 because technicians with the business repeatedly did not follow the label instructions for termite bating stations installations and placed the stations over 20 feet apart. He did not properly supervise the technicians installing the bait stations.
  • (Wake) In relation to the above case involving Team Pest USA, employee Devin Millen agreed to pay $800 for repeatedly not following the label instructions for termite bating stations, placing them over 20 feet apart. Also, Millen could not produce a registered technician card.
  • (Mecklenburg) John Clifford of Home Team Pest Defense in Pineville agreed to pay $5,000 for not following label instructions on preconstruction termite treatments. Technicians had not treated the crawl spaces, and the initial retreatment failed to treat the entire crawl space. The issues were corrected on the third treatment.
  • (Wake) Kyle Calder of Aptive Environmental in Cary agreed to pay $1,200 because a sales representative made untrue statements and misrepresentations during a sales proposal to a homeowner.  These actions were caught on a doorbell camera recording and confirmed during the division inspector’s investigation.



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