Structural Pest Control and Pesticides - Contacts

Main Phone Number - 984-236-4575

Division Director - J. Patrick Jones  

Pesticide Product Registration

Name Phone Email Title
Lee Davis 984-236-4599 Pesticide Product Registration Manager
Amal Gamra 984-236-4591 Administrative Specialist
Tabatha Komar 984-236-4592 Pesticide Specialist
Retha Moudy 984-236-4626 Administrative Associate

Environmental Programs

Name Phone Email Title
Beth Dittman 984-236-4601 Environmental Toxicologist
Derrick Bell 919-280-1061 Pesticide Disposal Specialist
Ken Crabtree 919-302-3727 Pesticide Disposal Specialist
Jeremy Maciejewski 919-219-8142 Pesticide Disposal Specialist
Henry Weaver 984-236-4593 Environmental Programs Specialist

General Structural Pest Control and Pesticides Administration

Name Phone Email Title
Jamie Frye 984-236-4616 Senior Executive Assistant
Vacant 984-236-4608 Vacant EPA Liaison
Rebecca Kalishek 984-236-4609 Outreach & Graphic Design
Tinesha McNeil 984-236-4607 Administrative Specialist
Nichole Williams 984-236-4605 Administrative Specialist
Katie Willett 984-236-4617 Administrative Officer