“Does chocolate milk come from a brown cow?”

“Mom gets hamburger from the grocery store — that's where it comes from, right?”

“Bees don't do anything but sting!”

“Pesticides are harmful!"

Typical questions and statements such as these from children sparked an idea in the spring of 1995 for the Research Stations Division to develop Agricultural Awareness Days. This program's mission is to increase agricultural awareness in our communities — especially among school children — and to demonstrate the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

Many people fail to recognize that the raw materials needed to produce food, clothing, and shelter — three essentials of life — come from agricultural products. Agricultural Awareness Days showcase North Carolina's major field and horticultural crops, aquaculture, livestock, poultry, farm equipment, pesticide use, and other agricultural enterprises to strengthen the public's appreciation of agriculture.

Ag Days target public school children from kindergarten to high school; however, we've noticed an increase in community participation from church groups, senior citizen organizations, homeschoolers, and daycare centers. All are welcome!*

Ag Days are hosted by research stations statewide, with an average yearly attendance of 15,000 that includes students, teachers, and parents. The positive response to this program is evident by the return and increased interest of schools through the years. Ag Day dates are posted on this page throughout the spring, summer, and fall, so check back often and make plans to attend an event near you!

* Make arrangements for your students to attend an Ag Awareness Day by contacting the station of your choice. Groups must contact stations prior to their visit.

As a precautionary measure to protect our farms from
foreign pathogens that could harm livestock and crops,
all visitors and, if applicable, their hosts, must sign a visitor waiver
stating they have not traveled out of the continental United States
within 3 days of their Research Station visit.
Admittance onto Research Station property will be prohibited
without acknowledgment of visitation requirements.
Admittance is always at the discretion of the station superintendent and staff.

Forms must be presented to Research Station personnel
before admittance to a station.

Thank you very much for your understanding during these challenging times,
as we do our best to serve you, the citizens of North Carolina,
and protect the agricultural interests of our state.

View and print waiver:

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