North Carolina Agricultural Hall of Fame

 The North Carolina Agricultural Hall of Fame was created by the 1953 General Assembly to honor North Carolinians who have rendered distinguished service in the science and art of agriculture. Admission of candidates to this position of honor is governed by a Board of Directors, established by law. Our Commissioner of Agriculture is chairman.

List of inductees

Criteria for Judging Membership to the N.C. Agricultural Hall of Fame


  1. Any person born in North Carolina
  2. Any person not born in North Carolina but who became a citizen of the state and who performed his or her main work relating to agriculture while a resident of North Carolina
  3. Candidates must be deceased for at least one year.

Contribution to Agriculture 

The performance of the individual must be outstanding and as a result of his or her efforts, the cause of agriculture materially benefited. The field of activity may have been primarily scientific, practical farming, or a personality who led a great movement of agricultural progress.

The sponsor of the nominee must submit a written statement outlining as completely as possible the work of the candidate and evidence of their effect on the agricultural life of the state. The statement should also cover the biography of the person including:

  1. his or her personality;
  2. successes and accomplishments;
  3. obstacles overcome; and
  4. any other information that would be of interest to the nominating committee.

Any nominee reviewed by the Hall of Fame Board and not accepted, may be renominated by simply updating the original nomination. Additional support material may be submitted.

Submit the nomination to the NCDA&CS Public Affairs Division.