Plant Industry - Nursery Dealer License Renewal

Renewal Form Example

To start the online payment process, visit Agriculture License Payments Site

Select "025 Nursery Dealer" as the License Type. Enter your 4-digit Renewal Pin and 4-digit File Number found on your Invoice and Application for Nursery Dealer License Renewal (see image above) then click on "continue".

Payment screen

The next screen shows the amount you owe. Click "Pay" to proceed. From there, enter the credit card information and proceed with payment.

If your business has invoices for more than one Nursery Dealer location, each location will need to be paid for individually. Adding this credit card payment feature is intended to offer convenience for customers who prefer to pay online. At this time, Plant Industry Division only has the ability to process Nursery Dealer payments online, however, online payment for Registered and Certified Nurseries and Collect Plant licensure should be available Spring, 2021. All payments can still be made via check by sending your payment and Invoice to:

NCDA&CS - Plant Industry Division  
Attention: Tammy Morgan  
1060 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1060


Please contact Tammy Morgan, Administrative Assistant at 919-707-3751 or with any licensure or payment questions