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As a best practice, it is recommended that interested riders call to confirm the status of the facilities in advance with the Hunt Horse Complex at 919-839-4701.

Available dates are subject to change without notice. Participants must understand and accept that routine maintenance, operations and possible construction continues as usual across the Hunt Horse Complex and the Fairgrounds. During Open Ride, no jumps, lunging or stall use is allowed.

  • Open Dates: Public horseback riding at Hunt Horse Complex
  • Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., weekdays only
  • Parking: HHC main lot
  • Fee: $30 per horse
  • Payment: Credit Cards only

For each rider: Download and sign one liability waiver per rider in advance of arrival.
For each horse: Owner should present one leave-behind copy of negative Coggins report per horse for HHC records before arena entry.
HHC check-in: For payment and form submission call N.C. State Fair Public Safety at 919-612-6767.

The Gov. James B. Hunt, Jr. Horse Complex in Raleigh offers possible sheltering for equine during emergency situations in the “F” barn (asphalt floors and aisles) depending on necessity and the current show calendar.

Please remember that timing becomes critical in a disaster situation. We would encourage you to make your plans to evacuate animals to our facility as soon as practical in order to insure the safety of you and your horses. Call 919-839-4701 during business hours to assist you with your arrival plans and scheduling.

Stalls made available for emergency situations are offered at a reduced rate of $10.00 per day. Campground reservations, when available, are $35 per night. Campground reservations may be made here. 

Owners are responsible for the following:

  • NC Equine Disaster Sheltering Plan health regulation compliance.
  • Vaccination and veterinary information as requested.
  • Presenting all horses in good health; febrile horses ( ≥ 101.8°) and horses displaying clinical symptoms of disease or neglect will not be allowed on the premises.
  • Primary care for his/her animals sheltered at the facility - feed, hay, water and cleaning of stalls a minimum 2x’s per day; veterinary care if and as needed.
  • Shavings - a minimum of 2 bags per stall required and are available on site.
  • Removal of sheltered animals once the emergency event has subsided; or sooner.
  • Full cooperation with ongoing shows, events and management at the Hunt Horse Complex.