Western North Carolina Farmers Market - Become a Vendor

Selling on the Market

  • Major Southeastern and east coast produce hub, located off Interstate 26 and 40.
  • Ability to move small, medium, and large quantities to household consumers and wholesale buyers or sell directly to existing vendors on the market.
  • Offers daily and long-term rentals at affordable rates.
  • Marketing assistance and North Carolina Department of Agriculture resources.
  • Receive competitive market prices.

Market Shops A and B: retail sales

  • Sell value-added products and produce directly to existing vendors.
  • Short term or long term rentals are available.

Market Shops C

  • Retail/wholesale storefront buildings with garage door.
  • Shipping and receiving docks.
  • 40 sq. ft. office space
  • 500 sq. ft. of selling space
  • Ideal for long-term rentals looking for a storefront to sell retail and wholesale.

Truck Sheds: wholesale and retail sales

  • #1 North Carolina Farmers Truck Shed: daily rentals for NC farmers only, no long term rentals.
  • #2 Left side: Long-term NC Farmer rentals Right Side: Long-term farmers and vendors.
  • #3 Produce resellers
  • #4 and #5: Large scale out of state sellers - watermelons, peaches, pumpkins, Christmas trees.

Food Trucks

  • We offer multiple spaces on the market for food trucks to set up and sell to everyone on the market.
  • We also help you source off the market from local farmers.

Please call (828) 253-1691 for more information about becoming a vendor or to set up a tour of the market.