Charlotte Regional Farmers Market - Vendor Information

We encourage growers to come sell produce, herbs, flowers, ornamentals and Christmas trees grown on their farms. 

Things to know before you apply to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market

  1. North Carolina farmers have first priority for any space available on the market

  2. Products allowed for sale include:
    Grown: fresh fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, nursery plants, etc.
    Raised: various meats including poultry, beef, lamb, pork, bison, rabbit, goat, fish and also include livestock products such as eggs, honey, milk, cheese, etc.
    Caught: seafood
    Made: baked goods, prepared foods, jams, jellies, canned items, concession trucks/food carts, agricultural crafts, etc.

  3. Applications are accepted all year for Farmers.

  4. New non-farmer applications are accepted April – May.  There is typically a limited amount of space available for non-farmers.  Applications are only kept for one year and applicants will need to reapply annually.

  5. The Market Manager has the authority to approve, or disapprove any item brought to the market for sale.

For further information, please contact the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market at (704) 357-1269.