Food Distribution - Logistics


Food Distribution operates two state warehouses for the purpose of distributing all USDA Foods allocated to six different programs in North Carolina. Also, Food Distribution operates two small warehouses which distributes food to eligible individuals participating in specific programs.

  • The Butner Warehouse is located in Granville County. It has 60,000 square feet dry storage, 20,000 cooler and freezer, also 6,000 square feet that houses division's administrative offices.
  • The Salisbury Warehouse is located in Rowan County. It has 40,000 square feet dry storage, 7,500 square feet cooler freezer.

Division delivery equipment: (as of September 2023)

  • 30 Road Tractors 
  • 27 40 ft. Refrigerated Trailers 
  • 1 28 ft. Refrigerated Trailer 
  • 21 48 ft. Refrigerated Trailers 
  • 1 53 ft. Refrigerated Trailers 
  • 15 Forklifts
  • 1 Refrigerated Box Truck
  •  A 2000 square foot maintenance shop is located at the Butner warehouse where all equipment for Food Distribution is maintained.

Warehouse Distribution Related Information for Fiscal Year 2022-2023

  • Miles traveled for delivery purposes: 461,913 Miles

  • Cases Received - USDA Commodities: 2,205,545 Cases

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