Online Payments

In order to better serve the citizens of North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services now offers the convenience of online E-Check, Debit Card, Visa and Mastercard payments at no extra cost to you. Please rest assured that your personal information is safe and secure. 

To make a payment, simply click on the appropriate link below.

  Pay for your Agronomic report or prepay for reports            
  You can pay for reports that are pending payment by searching for your report and clicking the           
  “Pay Now” link.

  You may also create an online submission and prepay for reports by selecting utilities/submit          
  sample information from the menu options.  You will be required to   login to our online    
  system PALS before making online payments.          

  Pay for your NC Forest Service Woodland Plans          
  In order to make a NCFS Woodland Plan payment, you will need the INVOICE NUMBER and        
  PIN NUMBER that is printed on your Invoice. Currently only Visa and MasterCard payments are       

  For more information on Woodland Plan Fees visit  Woodland Plan Fees

 Pay for your Nursery or Ginseng License          
 In order to make a nursery online payment number, you will need the PIN and file number that 
 is printed on your renewal notice or inspection form. 

  Pay for your Pesticide/Standards License Renewal            
  Currently, Online Payment is available for Pesticide/Standards License Renewals only. We will      
  be making Online Payments an option for other Licensing Fees as those systems are upgraded.            

  In order to make a Pesticide/Standards Renewal payment, you will need the PIN and File Number  
  that is printed on your Renewal Notice.            

  If your renewal does not have a PIN number, you are not eligible to renew online and must mail 
  in your renewal along with your payment.