Emergency Programs - Terrorism Threat Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool

The Terrorism Threat Vulnerability Self Assessment tool is a guide to help you better understand your potential vulnerabilities to terrorism. The conduct of a vulnerability self assessment is voluntary for the North Carolina agri-business community but you are strongly encouraged to perform this self assessment for each of your organization’s facilities. A facility is any administrative, industrial activity or laboratory complex where departmental employees perform their duties in an office, warehouse, industrial or laboratory space.

This tool is not intended to replace any current reporting requirements, such as those for hazardous materials or other emergency events. This vulnerability assessment tool is intended to assist managers with determining what vulnerabilities may exist within their organizations that might increase their exposure to a terrorist event and to assist your organization, and local law enforcement, in assessing your overall vulnerability to such an event. While no steps can provide absolute protection, experience has shown that adoption of heightened awareness, basic defensive steps, increased monitoring or correction of vulnerabilities and close coordination with local law enforcement will reduce the likelihood of a terrorist act. This self assessment can be accomplished with little or no cost in a fairly short period of time. Guidance on how to complete the self assessment is included with the Self Assessment Tool.

Threat vulnerability self assessments prepared by your organization should be provided to local law enforcement agencies who have primary first responder responsibility to the location of your business activity or organization whenever the assessed vulnerability score is determined to be "High Risk" or if there is deemed to be any significant or dangerous factors that should to be brought to the attention of law enforcement. The completed Self Assessments should be submitted by hand or US MAIL, in digital form or hard copy. It is recommended that you do not send it by Email.

The Terrorism Threat Vulnerability Assessment should also be conducted at least annually and anytime there is an increased threat of a terrorist event and whenever there is a significant change to your organization’s facilities or activities. The completed Vulnerability Self Assessment is a confidential law enforcement tool which should be used by your organization and local law enforcement to assist in preventing criminal acts committed by terrorists and it is exempted from disclosure under the Public Records Law by General Statute 132-1.4.

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