Standards - Petroleum Device Technician License

Petroleum Device Technician - When a petroleum measuring device (gasoline meter, fuel oil meter, kerosene meter, etc.) is rejected by a Standards Division employee, a registered petroleum device technician is permitted to perform the necessary repairs and return the measuring device to use. The same is true for new devices or devices which have been serviced. Under General Statute 119-33 and rules adopted by the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board, a petroleum device technician must register annually and provide evidence that the technician is using a properly calibrated test measure. Initial registration requires two letters of recommendation in addition to providing a lead and wire seal with the current year on one side and the applicant's initials on the other. Registration expires on December 31 of each year. Questions regarding petroleum device technician registration should be directed to Sharon Woodard (984-236-4800).

The Limited Petroleum Device Technician registration is intended for those who need to break the seal on a propane meter to do service but who will not be performing a calibration. This allows the technician to break the seal, perform some maintenance or service, reseal the device, and put the device back into service, but only if the maintenance or service was something that would not potentially affect the calibration.