Our Team

About Us

Our Mission

The Property and Construction Division (P&C) of NCDA&CS is responsible for planning and design, construction, renovation, operations, maintenance, improvements and the decommissioning of real property assets.  P&C believes well manages infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone - to promote a robust economy and to ensure efficiency and safety of operations. We also oversee leased space and leased buildings by various divisions throughout the state.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Who We Serve

NCDA&CS facilities encompass a broad range of buildings and infrastructure related to supporting the following: agricultural production, agricultural research, NC Forest Service, Farmer's Markets, Fairgrounds, Agricultural Centers, Equestrian Complexes, Training Centers, office buildings and laboratories supporting agronomics and animal diseases diagnostics. P&C provides support by developing priorities for all construction projects, minor and major facilities improvements and repairs, allocating funding to programs to execute major and minor projects, management of real property assets and  repair and renovation under capital improvement programs.

Our Services

P&C understands the urgency of the challenges and emergencies. We are responsible to serve who needs it, when and wherever to make a positive difference. We listen to our clients and committed to manage our services with the upmost responsibility to make a better world. We work with trusted planners, designers, engineers, consultants  as a team to deliver the best to improve North Carolina Agricultural Industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Meet Our Team

Position Name Contact Email Address
Director Andrew A. Meier (919) 707 3238 andrew.meier@ncagr.gov
Administrative Officer Katina B Anderson (919) 707 3358 katina.anderson@ncagr.gov
Real Property Agent Wendy Dudka (919) 707 3167 wendy.dudka@ncagr.gov
Engineer Supervisor Larry Wade (919) 707 3095 larry.wade@ncagr.gov
Engineer II Don Shires (919) 707 3096 don.shires@ncagr.gov
Engineer II Jonathan Burrell (828) 687 1414 ext 218 jonathan.burrell@ncagr.gov
Engineer II Nasrin Sumee (919) 707 3098 nasrin.sumee@ncagr.gov