FDPD - Food Program - Dairy

North Carolina Dairy Laws

The North Carolina Dairy Laws and the regulations used to administer the various programs are structured to ensure the citizens of North Carolina that dairy products are produced, transported, and sold under clean and sanitary conditions. The laws allow for the setting of standards and purity for products and for licenses, fees, and examinations where appropriate.

Rules and General Statutes

Milk Haulers and Testers

The Food & Drug Protection Division is responsible for the regulatory oversight of milk haulers and testers within the State. Compliance with the North Carolina Dairy Laws requires in-part the following:

The license fee of five dollars ($5.00) for each license so granted or renewed shall be paid to the Commissioner of Agriculture by the applicant before any license is granted. All licenses issued or renewed expire on December 31, of each year, unless revoked.

Forms and Applications