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Soil testing evaluates soil fertility through extraction of nutrients (excluding nitrogen) essential in plant nutrition. Amounts of plant available nutrients are converted to an index from which their sufficiency or toxicity can be assessed, and site-specific fertilizer recommendations are determined. Soil acidity and pH are also measured to evaluate liming needs. Soil testing is used in nutrient management strategies to optimize crop yields, profitability and protect natural resources from excessive nutrient application.  Note that the Agronomic Division does not test for contaminants in soil.

Select the submission process that best describes your operation. If you are uncertain about your submission category, please contact the laboratory Section Chief or Agronomist .

Submission Requirements

  • Samples must be collected from property located In North Carolina.
  • Samples must be submitted in NCDA&CS soil sample boxes only.
  • A sample ID chosen by the customer must be on BOTH the soil sample box and on the soil sample submission form.
  • The soil sample submission form must contain all required information and must accompany the soil sample box(es).

Failure to adhere to any one of these requirements may result in samples not being processed.

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David Hardy, Ph.D.

Soil Testing Section Chief 919-664-1606
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Jagathi Kamalakanthan

Soil Agronomist 919-664-1610