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Click here for the Examination Preregistration Form

Please read the following instructions carefully.

  • You must preregister by completing an examination preregistration form and mailing or e-mailing it to Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division. The form must be received ten (10) days prior to the exam. Late forms may be returned.  If possible, do not submit this form by Fax.  We cannot be responsible for faxes not getting through to us.      If forms must be faxed, please contact us the same day to confirm receipt.   Email is a much more reliable means of submission.  Save this form as a pdf and attach it to the email address (signature is optional with emailed forms).

Mail to:

Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division
1090 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1090
Ph: 919-733-6100; Fax: 919-733-9796


  • No fees will be due or accepted with your form. All fees will be collected by the Structural Pest Control Section personnel at the exam site. Only checks or money orders payable to NCDA will be accepted. No receipts will be given.

  • If you are preregistering to take the certification exam, you must first have attended the Registered Technician School or approved equivalent training. If approved equivalent training applies to you, you must submit proof of such training with your preregistration form.

  • If you are preregistering to take the license exam, you must be approved for any phase of structural pest control work by the Committee in advance of preregistering to take the exam.  The 10-day pre-registration deadline is a must for license exam applicants.


A notification letter or e-mail will be sent to approved applicants approximately one week prior to the exam date. This notification will indicate the exam site, date and time of exam, types of exams to be taken, and fees owed. A notification letter or e-mail must be received in order to sit for the exam.

Fees for Examinations:


$50 per phase

Certification & Recertification:

$25.00 per phase

NO CHARGE for Core Examination


NCDA&CS Structural Pest Control and Pesticide Division, James W. Burnette, Jr., Director
Mailing Address: 1090 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1090
Physical Address: 2109 Blue Ridge Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: (919) 733-6100 ; FAX: (919) 733-0633

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