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NC Pesticide Board announces settlements

The N.C. Pesticide Board recently approved the following settlement agreements for individuals and companies in Beaufort, Duplin, Lincoln, Martin, Mecklenburg, Perquimans, Pitt and Stokes counties.

Stuart Ricks of Pantego agreed to pay $500 for purchasing restricted-use pesticides without a certified applicator’s license. In a related settlement, Douglas A. Black, an employee at Crop Production Services in Pantego, agreed to pay $1,000 for selling restricted-use pesticides to a non-certified applicator.

Greg Jenkins, an employee at East Duplin High School in Beulaville, agreed to pay $1,200 for applying pesticides to the athletics fields without an applicator’s license and for damage caused by drift to a vineyard adjacent to the fields.

Albert Dellinger of Vale agreed to pay $700 for damaging his neighbor’s vineyard twice. Both times he allowed herbicides to drift from his pasture onto the grapes.

Andrew Q. Eure Jr., an employee of Coastal AgroBusiness in Hamilton, agreed to pay $2,100 for selling restricted pesticides to non-certified applicators.

Wepak Corp. of Charlotte agreed to terms after having its license suspended by the Pesticide Board on June 20 for disinfectants that were ineffective and contaminated. Wepak agrees to submit products for testing again and follow these recommendations from the board: Change out the wash drums weekly; install a water filtration system; test the product monthly for contamination and adulteration. The board will lift the suspension and reinstate the products after successful testing.

Jeffery A. Tann Sr., an employee of Southern States-Hertford Agronomy Center in Hertford, agreed to pay $1,000 for damage to a wheat crop and damage to a soybean field caused by drift from herbicides.

Hoyt M. Haddock Sr. of Greenville agreed to pay $2,100 for taking the pesticide license exam as another person. Haddock signed the test and completed the answer sheets as Hoyt. M. Haddock Jr., which is his son’s name. He also used his son’s driver’s license number on the exam. Haddock Sr. retired in 2002 as a pesticide inspector with the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Structural Pest Control and Pesticides Division.

Anthony Clarence Pyrtle of Westfield agreed to pay $2,000 for violating Worker Protection Standards by allowing workers back in the field before the 48-hour restricted-entry interval required for treatments with tobacco-growth regulator Super Boll. Pyrtle also failed to post specific information regarding pesticide applications and failed to provide decontamination supplies.


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