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Agricultural Review

From the tractor

by Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler

It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to put on an event the size of the N.C. State Fair. As you can imagine, the fairgrounds have been busy with activity in these months leading up to the fair. We have a great group of workers at the fairgrounds who keep the buildings in shape, maintain the grounds, and generally make it possible for visitors to enjoy the fair.

I got the chance recently to work with some of these employees on a more unusual project. We re-chinked a log cabin in Heritage Circle to turn it into more useable space.

Having done a similar project at my house, I knew firsthand what was required for this, so I shared the information and techniques I had learned with the workers.

The whole process is very hands-on, and it is important to get the right consistency to the concrete and sand mix, to prep the gaps with screen correctly and then to apply the mix at the right angle. Getting each step right will help ensure that the chinking will last for a long time and that it will help keep the elements, such as rain, out.

Some of you may be familiar with the cabin because it sits next to the old schoolhouse, which houses historical information on the State Fair and fairgrounds.

The log cabin has mostly served as storage space during the fair and has been closed to visitors. I hope to open it up this year so visitors can walk through the cabin and see what early homes were really like. We have added a front porch to the cabin and hope to have some rocking chairs out front for fairgoers.

I am proud that we can open up features such as this cabin in Heritage Circle so people can get a sense of life in North Carolina 100 years ago. I hope you will stop by Heritage Circle and check out the cabin during your visit to this year's fair.

Our theme this year is "North Carolina's Homecoming," and I believe this truly reflects the spirit and fondness that fairgoers have for this annual event. I meet so many people who look forward to the fair and who come year-after-year. The fair is a reflection of the best of North Carolina; its people, its traditions, its heritage; and its legacy. I am proud to be part of carrying on the educational mission and goals of the N.C. State Fair and I hope you will join me there Oct. 17-27.


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