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Making Hard Candy History Since 1924

Special News
This year Butterfields has put a brand new spin on traditional favorites with the launch of a new line, Butterfields Classics. This line includes an 8 oz. tin and a 12 oz. box filled with award-winning Peach Buds, along with a 6 oz. bag of our newest product, creamy white chocolate Peach Bark. Another new and exciting addition to Butterfields is the Peppermint Bursts line, which includes an 8 oz. box and a 1 oz. personal consumption size.

About Us:
Butterfields is pleased to introduce to you our line of specialty crafted hard candies. We have been making our fine hand-made confections since 1924. Located in Nashville, North Carolina, Butterfields produces candies with only the freshest ingredients and handed-down techniques that have been used since our simple beginnings.

More than 80 years later, our caring candy professionals still cook our confections with the same copper kettles, the same family recipes, and the same treasured results. These Fruit Bud hard candies have a sweet dusting of sugar outside, a hard candy layer combined with a bit of tender coconut in the center, giving the impression that you are enjoying a juicy and tender piece of fruit - straight from nature's fresh offering.

Butterfields makes hard candy in 11 different flavors, including holiday candy. You can find our delicious candy at gourmet, specialty food and grocery stores throughout the United States. All of us here at the company thank you for your interest in the finest and tastiest hand-made hard candy available.

Our Products:
Peach Buds, Key Lime Buds, Lemon Buds, Watermelon Buds, Raspberry Buds, Cherry Buds, Grape Buds, and Strawberry Buds.

From Hwy. 64, take the Momeyer exit (SR 1306). From Raleigh, take a right off the exit. From Rocky Mount area take a left. We are on your left less than 1/2 mile off the exit.

Hours of Operation:
8:30 - 5:00

Web Site:

Where our products can be found:
Gourmet, specialty food and grocery stores. Some of these stores include Harris Teeter and A Southern Season in Chapel Hill.

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