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L & B Apiary
Lynne Roberts
5602 Bledsoe Drive
Greensboro, NC 27410
Phone: 336 456 4509


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About Us:
Lynne grew up on a sustainable farm in Admont, Austria, and Robert is an'old hand'from Minnesota. Together we have chosen to 'do our good works' through beekeeping. Our beeyards are tended with loving care for the life of the honeybee by planting acreage of wildflowers, buckwheat, dutch white sweet clover; which abut forest Groves of Tulip Poplars and/or Sourwood stands and nearby tributaries. Honeybees are Endangered, thereby, our human food sources is as well. We promote beekeeping by advising you to check with your local N.C.County Extension office for the beekeeping clubs meetings and classes. Class is usually in March of each yr.and runs around $20. or so. This is a great hobby for home garden's or groups from school, church, or scouts. We are available for lectures and or demonstrations. See our delightful colorful label with UPC codes for shipping to the Mid Atlantic region of the Eastern United States.

What is HoneyBee Pollen? In 'Health Secrets from Europe(Dr.Airola), "Pollen is the riches & most complete food in nature. It increases the body's resistance to stress, disease and speeds up the healing process for many conditions of ill health. It also, possesses age-retarding and rejuvenative properties. Pollen is collected by honeybees for perpetuation, feeding the brood and as provisions for the glands producing Royal Jelly, is the very quintessence of life reproduction. The fact is that Pollen - as stated by a medical professor of research, "Contains all that is needed by an organisim for being. The proportions vary from one flower to another, according to its origin. All Pollen possess proteins, amino-acids, sugar, minerals, vitamins, hormones, fats, aromatic substance and of course, water. (Prof. N. Ioiris). HoneyBee Pollen, the male source of flowers is necessary to enrich the female portion, begining all seed and fruit formation. Without this plant pollination, life couldn't continue to exist. HoneyBee's carry out more than 80% of all plant pollination. Pollen is a microscopic dust that the bee picks up while collecting nectar. Worker Bees mix Pollen with their own enzymes, pack it into her leg pouches and carry it back to the hive. As natures perfect food, HoneyBee Pollen provides nutritional benefits 'challenging comparision to other food sources'. Pollen contains 25% to 30% protein by weight, provides all 22 known amino acids, 28 minerals, all known water soluble vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals, fatty acids, carbohydrates and more protein than any other food, cereal, animal or vegetable. HoneyBee Pollen is a natural low calorie food!

Honey has natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, dialating, preservative, and antioxidant properties. As science and the general public look for natural sources for healthier alternatives in cooking, cosmetics, ready made foods, honey is the newest Buzz word! Build your immunity with LOCAL honey--because it contains the pollen, dust and molds that cause 90% of all allergies. UN-Heated Honey has the bee pollen, enzymes and propolis which stimulate new tissue growth. Ask your grocer or health food store to carry the L & B Apiaries Honies!

Our Products:
Honeybee Pollen & Honey 8 each Varietal(throughout the season),1. Spring-Tulip Poplar,or 'Spring Bouquet' and 2.Buckwheat, 3. Early Summer wildflower's or 'Summer Glory', 4. 'Blackberry', 5. Mid-Summer wildflower's or 'Seasons Delight', 6. 'Sourwood',7.end of Summer Wildflower & blooming trees or'Fall Festival' 8. 'Spun,Whipped,Cremed' A luscious spread for meats, vegetables, or just on your morning biscuit! We create this by dehydrating 1 pound of our wildflower honey and whipping it with 10 pounds of the liquid wildflower honey for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes rest and another 30 minutes whipping then, to 'Set' for one week in the refrigerator. Then you may leave out on your counter as you do your peanut butter!

Please call. Due to insurance requirements, we can not have 'Drop In's'. Any individual can,'become', allergic to honeybees at any time in thier lifetime, we would not want that one time to happen at our beeyards (the apiary).

Hours of Operation:
9a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.

Where our products can be found:
Earthfare- GSO, Whole Foods Regional- WS, Fresh Market Regional, Best Way Grocery-GSO, Deep Roots Co-Op-GSO, SWEEDS BREAD-Colfax/HPT, The Extra Ingredient-GSO, The Soap Lady- Jamestown, Sadies- Stokesdale, The Old Mill Guilford Co.,Summerfield Farms-Summerfield

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