Phillips Brothers Country Hams, Inc.

Serving North Carolina since 1047

About US
Phillips Brothers continues to cure hams from the same formula used since 1947. The wonderful flavor of our dry-cured country ham is achieved through commitment to quality.

Our sausage is made with fresh hams and seasoned to perfection. Our side meat and fat back is the perfect ingredient to season your vegatables.

We are a family owned and operated business. We take pride in all our products.

Our Products
Country Ham, Sausage, Side Meat, Fat Back, Bacon, Country Ham Jerky, Gift Boxes featuring our products with other NC produced products, Ham Bones for dogs, Doggie Treats, and Super Hocks for dogs.

1523 South Fayetteville Street

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8am - 5 pm. Sat. Nov. 13 thru Dec. 18 9 am - 1 pm HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE Nov. 17-20, 2004 come by for samples and door prizes

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Here's where you can find our products
grocery stores, farmers' markets, produce stands, restaurants

Phillips Brothers Country Hams, Inc.
Dianne Craven 0r Phillip Craven
PO Box 1599
Asheboro,, NC 27204-1599
Phone: 336-625-4321
Fax: 336-625-4322

Special News

Winner of the 2003 Reserve Grand Champion Unsmoked Country Ham at American Cured Meat Championships July 2003 Winner of the 2004 Grand Champion Smoked Country Ham at The National Country Ham Association April 2004

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