Forest Resource Services

Forest Resource Services
Paul Dean
7625 Roberts Rd.
Cary, NC 27519
WAKE County
Phone: 919-389-7855

Serving Your Forest Management Needs

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Free No Cost Inspection of your timberland.

About Us:
What can a FRS Forester do for you? A FRS Forester can improve the quality of your forest environment and increase the production of marketable products. When your trees become merchantable, he can secure buyers and supervise the timber sale. There is so much more that a FRS Forester can do for you. See below for a list of our services.

Timber Sale Preparation, Marketing and Administration - A FRS Forester, by following your management objectives can identify the trees to be harvested, show the woodland to potential buyers, supervise the sale and advise you on the available alternatives.

Timber Inventory and Appraisals - A FRS Forester can provide this information by performing a timber cruise and a site analysis. This involves measuring a representative sample of trees, preparing forest-type maps and calculating the volume and value of the timber.

Our Products:
Forest Management,Forest Stewardship,Cost-Sharing Programs,Timber Sales,Timber Inventory, Timber Appraisals,Reforestation,Tree Farm Inspections, Boundary Line Maintenance, Wildlife Habitat Plans

We are based in Cary and serve landwoners in the Central North Carolina Region.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

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