Kozy Kuts Bundled Firewood

Kozy Kuts Bundled Firewood
Vicki Burton
120 Bermuda Dr
Council, NC 28434
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Local, seasoned 100% hardwood bundles delivered anywhere in the Carolinas

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About Us:
All of our seasoned, hand-selected hardwood bundles are a product of reclaimed wood from the timbering industry and a result of our ability to hand pick all our logs and select the best burning hardwoods available including oak, hickory, ash, and maple.

Our easy-to-carry bundles are perfect for a variety of retail vendors from campgrounds, convenient stores, and garden centers, to big box regional and national outlets. Ski Lodges, mountain and cool seasonal vacation rentals will find bundled firewood a unique product to add to their package of amenities. Restaurants with wood-fired ovens will find our seasoned oak and selected hardwoods provide optimum heat and consistent burn times.

Our prices are competitive and include shipping to all points in North and South Carolina. Each pallet has 75 bundles and come with a water-proof poly cover to keep bundles dry during your holding period. Special rates for regional outlets willing to take full loads of 20 pallets with the capacity to load single pallets to smaller retail vendors in their area. Please call or email with your specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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