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About Us
Ezra and Nancy Gough are the owners of E&N Vineyards. Ezra and Nancy both grew up in North Carolina and have fond memories of their experences with muscadines from their childhood. Nancy remembers her grandparents having a big scuppernong vine in their yard and enjoyed the grapes as a girl. She also likes to tell about swinging from a muscadine vine in the woods with her brothers.

Ezra also enjoys telling about swinging from the wild muscadine vines in the woods. He also remembers gathering the wild muscadines to make juice and jelly. At first he tried carrying the grapes home in his pockets but his mom put a stop to that. She made a bag of cloth with a draw string. Ezra could then bring in a bag full of the sweet smelling grapes and his mom would help him process them into juices and jellies.

The muscadine and scuppernongs grown today have come a long way since then. E&N Vineyards offers eight different varieties. All of these varieties are chosen for their multipurpose characteristics. They are all good for fresh fruit, ciders, juices, jellies, jams and wine. Ranging in color from black, purple, bronze and reds.

Our Products
Muscadine Cider, Scuppernong Cider, Blueberry Cider, Blackberry Cider, Peach Cider, Strawberry Cider, Muscadine & Scuppernong Alcohol Free Wines, Juices, Jellies, Fresh Muscadine and Scuppernong Grapes (in September and October) and Grape Seed Capsules.

From Winston Salem take I-40 West, take exit 180. Turn right on 801-South. Turn right onto 158 West. Go Approximately 2 miles on 158 turn left onto Gun Club Rd. Go 100 yards to Bingham and Parks road on the left. Go 1/2 mile on Bingham and Parks to 306.

Hours of Operation
By appointment. Call ahead to 336-682-0264 (cell) or 336-940-6176 (vineyard).

Web Site

Where you can find our products
Virginia Carolinas, Foster Drug Store, W. G. White, The Briar Patch and many more. Please call the vineyard for store locations nearest to you.


E&N Vineyards
Ezra and Nancy Gough
306 Bingham and Parks
Advance, NC 27006
DAVIE County
Phone: 336-682-0264 (cell)
Fax: 336-940-6076

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