Kingsway Farms

Kingsway Farms
Deborah D. Smith
3201 Bennett Rd.
Oak City, NC, NC 27857
Phone: 252-798-4118

Natural Goodness, Fresh and Local

Special News
Natural pasture raised farm fresh brown eggs: $3.00 Lg doz $2.00 Mixed doz

About Us:
We are a small 60 acre farm in upper Martin County that specializes in Grass fed, rotational grazed beef, chicken, geese, meat goat and lamb. In addition, we sell fresh brown farm eggs collected daily and refrigerated. We never spray our pastures with insecticides or use hormones on any of our livestock. We pride ourselves in the healthy and humane care of our livestock. Our goal is to produce natural, healthy quality meats and vegetables that we would be proud to serve our own families.

We raise pastured poultry through a rotational grazing system with portable roosting houses and collect our fresh eggs daily from our portable hen houses. We also have pasture raised goose for sale as well as occasional 4H wethers and does. We also raise Boer meat goats for breeding stock, 4H projects and meat. We are currently adding Dorper sheep, and Hereford Grass Fed beef to our rotational grazing pastures. In the spring we have fresh, naturally grown strawberries, herbs, and fresh vegetables.

In season we have a small plot of totally natural strawberries that we sell picked to order. We also have seasonal vegetables, herbs and will be adding additional products in 2010.

Our Products:
Pastured poultry, eggs, Grass Fed Beef, Boer Meat goats, Dorper Sheep, Geese, vegetables, herbs and strawberries in season.

We are located 30 minutes north of Greenville, NC just off of Hwy 11 in Oak City. We are approximately 12 miles north of Bethel NC. We are 20 minutes north west of Williamston via Hwy 125.

Hours of Operation:
Please call for winter hours and information. Eggs are for sale daily.

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