Hilltop Orchard

Family owned and operated for over 30 years

About US
We have been growing peaches for over 30 years. The first orchard around 1977. It was a beautiful orchard that consisted of 500 trees. About 5 years ago we realized we needed to re-plant and start a new orchard because the old trees were beyond their prime. We re-planted our new orchard and incorporated bare ground strips to aid in frost protection. We also had to build a fence around our new orchard to prevent deer from damaging the trees. We have grown corn now for over 15 years. Many people have become dependent on our corn due to the fact of how hard it is to grow corn in the garden successfully. With the increase in the deer population, this can be a tough task. We grow about 4-5 acres of silver queen corn and begin selling it by the dozen as soon as it matures. All of our corn is picked fresh daily in the mornings. Occasionally we have to go back and pick more throughout the morning if we sell out. We try to pick all of our corn in the mornings because it sustains the fresh quality better. If you pick corn in the afternoon after the temperature has climbed, the corn will not stay fresh very long after it's been pulled.

We offer a pick your own operation with peaches. We also have peaches already picked as well. However, during corn harvesting, peaches will mainly be pick your own only due to most of our labor being focused on pulling corn. All of our corn is pre- picked.

Our Products
peaches, corn

From Winston-Salem, take I-40 West to exit #170. Off of the exit ramp, you will take a right onto US Highway 601 towards Yadkinville. You will go about a mile and a half and look for Ijames Church Road which will be on the left. (There is a barbeque restaurant at the corner where you make the left turn.) You will go about 1-1/4 miles and the orchard will be on the left. There is a large sign in the front yard.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8AM-6PM Saturday 8AM- 7 PM Sunday 12-6

Here's where you can find our products
Occasionally we will sell our produce at local farmer's markets in Mocksville and Farmington. Mainly we sell from the location of our orchard.

Hilltop Orchard
Bill Koontz
555 Ijames Church Road
Mocksville, NC 27028
DAVIE County
Phone: 336-492-7246

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