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Consulting Services Request Form

Utilize this form to request that Audit Services consider performing consulting or advisory services for your division/program. Please note that this is a request for consideration only and that Audit Services will determine whether to include this request in the Audit Schedule after reviewing the potential benefits of the project and its impact on limited audit resources.

Name :

Title :

Division :

Your email address :

Phone Number :

I. Project Scope

Indicate the desired project scope. Include timeframe to be reviewed, division/program/process involved, etc.

II. Project Type

Indicate the type of project being considered (check all that apply).

Consulting or Advisory (policy review, etc.)      Post-Implementation Review (IT system)
Pre-Implementation Review (IT system)           Vendor or Contract Review
Training/ Workshop Facilitation                      Internal Review or Investigation
Research                                                    Other (please indicate below)

III.Desired Project Deliverable

Indicate what you would like to see as a deliverable (report, presentation, etc.).

IV. Project Completion

Indicate the desired project completion date (or describe estimated timeline).

* Any requests for a staffing analysis require written approval from the Commissioner of Agriculture.

NCDA&CS Audit Services Division, Derek Allred, Director
Physical Address: 2 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 707-3163

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