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Audit Services

To uphold our responsibilities and accomplish the objectives established in our audit charter, the Audit Services Division performs a variety of engagements depending on the circumstances and senior management’s needs.

The following audit services are provided by the Audit Services Division:

Operational Audits
Operational audits are systematic reviews of effectiveness, efficiency and economy of Department programs and processes. They are future-oriented evaluations with the primary focus being standard operating procedures and achievements related to Department/Division objectives.

Fiscal Control Audits
Fiscal control audits are limited scope reviews with a primary focus on controls that can impact financial statement assertions (Existence or Occurrence, Completeness, Rights and Obligations, Valuation or Allocation, Presentation and Disclosure).

Compliance Audits
Compliance audits measure the Department’s, contractor’s and grantees’ compliance with established Federal, State and Department laws, rules, regulations, contracts and policies.

Information Technology Audits
Information technology (IT) audits evaluate the quality of controls and safeguards over information technology resources, policies, operations and critical data maintained by the Department. These audits consist of reviewing the effective use of information technology resources, adherence to State and Department IT policies and assessing the design and implementation of internal controls over computer applications and the computing environments in which they are used against professional IT frameworks.

Integrated Audits
Integrated audits are wholistic engagements that address multiple objectives (Strategic, Operational, Reporting, Compliance) in assessing a division, section, program or process. The majority of the Internal Audit Division’s audits are integrated due to the enhanced level of assurance we are able to provide to our clients.

Follow-Up Audits
Follow-up audits evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness and timeliness of actions taken by management concerning reported high-risk observations.

External Audits Audits of manufacturers and distributors that are responsible for timely and correct payment of inspection fees and Agricultural Foundation Assessments associated with state agriculture tax laws.

Special Investigations
Special investigations focus on matters such as allegations of theft, noncompliance with laws/rules/regulations, misuse of resources, abuse of power, falsification of records, bribery, conflicts of interest and/or waste.

Data Analytics
Data analytics engagements involve a systematic process through which we gather data, assess the quality of the data, cleanse the data, perform analyses and provide the results to management for informed decision making.

Consultations/Advisory Services
Advisory and related client service activities, the nature and scope of which are agreed upon with the client, are intended to add value and improve an organization’s governance, risk management and control processes without the internal auditor assuming management responsibility. Examples include counsel, advice, facilitation and training.

Assistance to the Office of the State Auditor
The Audit Services Division aids the North Carolina Office of the State Auditor (OSA) upon request. These duties may involve the following:

  • Assisting with investigations,
  • Assessments of internal controls and
  • Reviewing inventories of critical Department assets.

NCDA&CS Audit Services Division, Derek Allred, Director
Physical Address: 2 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 707-3163

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