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Industrial Hemp Compliance Testing

North Carolina has been in active hemp production since 2017. Since the inception of the NC Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, the State of North Carolina has always tested using GC-FID (Gas Chromatograph- Flame Ionization Detector). This piece of equipment outfitted with this detector heats compliance samples resulting in the conversion of delta-9 THCA (the biosynthetic precursor of delta-9 THC) into delta-9 THC resulting in a post-decarboxylation measure of delta-9 THC. This measure is often referred to as “Total THC.” This methodology is widely used and accepted as a valid scientific measure of delta-9 THC content and compliant with the requirements outlined by the USDA’s Domestic Hemp Production Program.

If you have any questions, please consult the NC Industrial Hemp Pilot Program website at If you still have questions, you can email them to

Request compliance testing here

Please use the link above as your primary method to request compliance testing. Should you have issues with the website you can also send the information requested by the link above to us in an email at


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