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Food Distribution Division

Food Donation Hotline

A new toll-free hotline has been installed in the Food Distribution offices in Butner, where employees will take calls from food manufactures, farmers, grocery chains and other with excess food inventory. The toll free number is (888) 498-3449.

The goal is to take that excess food and put it in the hands of organizations that can distribute it to the less fortunate. This food could be excessive inventory, short-dated items, harvested produce or even fruits and vegetables in the field.

Hundred of farmers across North Carolina end up with produce they can't sell, or can't harvest due to lack of a market or low commodity prices. Volunteers can glean that produce and make it available to groups like soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters and the like.

The phone will be staffed during business hours, and NCDA&CS employees will select the appropriate agencies to handle the food donations, based on location of the donation, type of product, etc. The NCDA&CS has been actively involved in the fighting hunger campaign for a number of years and annually co-sponsors a Fighting Hunger Summit with Miller Brewing Company of Eden. The department also sponsors two canned food drives at the N.C. State Fair and the N.C. Mountain State Fair for the Food Bank of N.C. and the Manna Food Bank, respectively.

For more information on the hotline, call the Food Distribution Division of the NCDA&CS in Butner, NC at (919) 575-4490, or call the hotline at (888) 498-3449.

NCDA&CS Food Distribution Division, Walter G. Beal, Director
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 659, Butner, North Carolina 27509-0659
Physical Address: 1015 Food Distribution Drive (Formerly 2582 West Lyon Station Road)
Creedmoor, North Carolina 27522
Phone: (919) 964-6110 FAX: (919) 964-6134

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