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Welcome to "Bob's List". This tool was created to assist you in finding a new home for slow moving or difficult to use USDA Foods or perhaps you are in search of some extras. Please visit our web-site often as new posts will be made as they are received. If you would like to post to the "List", please complete the information below. We will then post to our webpage for all to see what USDA Foods are available to them. Food Distribution will also assist in transporting the USDA Foods to their new home during our regular deliveries to your location. Bob's List is here for you, we hope you will find this to be a useful tool!
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Material #DescriptionQuantityPack SizeDate ReceivedPack DateCase ValueEntitlement RequiredSchool DistrictContactComments
110322Beef Spp Pty Hstyle Ckd 2.0 MMA 79740 Lb 07/15/2021 $128.84No 
This product will not be in until 7/15. SFP Program
110859Mixed Berry Frz Cups 12196/4.oz Cups 09/23/2021 $37.18Yes 
111230Mixed Vegetables Frz 6076/5 Lb 09/20/2021 $21.39Yes 
100241Peaches Cup Frz60896/4.4 Oz. cup08/16/2021 $35.36Yes 
100226Pears Halves1696/#10 Can09/03/2021 $30.31Yes 
100225Pears, Diced 3676/#10 Can09/02/2021 $31.42Yes 
100500Rice Brn US # 1 Long Grain Parboiled3724/2 Lb pkg / ctn09/30/2021 $44.87Yes 
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